We, at Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation, believe that translation is the introduction of knowledge in another language while preserving the spirit and originality of the word in the mother tongue language. We adhere to the accuracy and literal meaning of translation when necessary, and we bend and qualify the words to give the true intended meaning without any confusion, if need be.

We are pleased to offer translation services in all areas, from and to the following languages: (Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, etc.), and our services include:

  • Legal translation of official documents in all languages, with documentation and certification services at the notary public office if necessary;
  • Translation of contracts, commercial agreements, financial reports, internal regulations, budgets and all corporate publications;
  • Translations of project reports, executive summaries and educational and edificational programs for all human rights organizations and governmental institutions;
  • Translation of electronic websites;
  • Translation of books;
  • Translation of software;
  • Translation of articles for news websites;
  • Translation of specialized scientific, medical and engineering materials; and,
  • Translation of documentaries and all television and cinematic materials.

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