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Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation was launched in 2010 as an establishment that deals with the editorial and instant services of translation, in addition to providing creative content.

Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation was launched in 2010 as an establishment that deals with the editorial and instant services of translation, in addition to providing creative content. It managed over the period of ten years to establish its name as a professional reference for translation services and editing in various languages.
Since its inception, the work of the foundation was characterized by high quality and unrelenting professionalism, and it has set for itself very high standards that are meticulously adhered to. The foundation has succeeded in building a broad base of customers at the local, regional and international levels, and this customer base has diversified to encompass local and regional companies, NGOs and UN organizations. Among the foundation's clients are also large segments of individuals who are seeking high-quality translation services such as university professors, academics, lawyers and doctors.
As one of the pioneering institutions in providing translation services in Jordan, the Foundation since its birth and founding embarked on giving a special attention to the quality of translation and its sophistication, as "High quality" has been and remains a top priority for the Foundation in Jordan and the preservation of this quality is something that cannot be compromised with at all.
After its relaunch in its new current location – opposite the North Gate of the University of Jordan - the foundation expanded the scope of its services to cover stationary, students and knowledge services, only for it to become that place that meets under one roof all of the office needs.

Why Us?

To be the reference in services that a foundation professionally meets and to become the name that is sought after by the researcher for a top-quality work; it is something that can only be arrived at when it is the final upshot of a whole range of factors that any institution ought to be well-known for, for it to become such a reference and such a name.

This is the proud case with us, Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation, as we take immense pride in our:
  • Highly competent team of translators, editors and linguists;
  • Decisive appreciation in maintaining strict confidentiality;
  • Management of specialized projects;
  • Thorough five-stage work quality control process;
  • Rapid and distinct response in the communication process;
  • Competitive prices; and,
  • One-stop source of plethora of services.
Happy Clients
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Our Message

Our Message

Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation's message stems from it being a part and parcel factor, that is both proactive and interactive in and with the local community, and from its mediating role with the outside world. In keeping with the high standards that it has set for itself, the foundation provides services that satisfy customers, whatever their linguistic needs, and in a manner that is in harmony with the customers' visions for their projects.

In consequence of such a message, and to make Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation the trusted partner that it is well-known for, we work hard to streamline, enable and  localize the language as the need arises, all to facilitate the process of communication among individuals, the owners of businesses, irrespective of  their variegated environments and backgrounds, and to sensitively tackle the legal aspects and knowledge abbreviations and lead them to their final intended outcomes without any confusion or ambiguity.

New service elements to meet all of the office needs for customers

Our vision

After successfully establishing itself as a reliable and trusted partner to many institutions, companies and local and international organizations, both governmental and private, and after its relocation to the new HQ, Al-Madarat is seeking to expand this network and to introduce new service elements to meet all of the office needs for customers.

In a nutshell, Al-Madarat is seeking to be an indispensable integrated partner that meets all of the technical, cultural and material needs, all in one basket.

Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is for Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh to become the first name of choice and the obvious selection of option for the customer who is on the lookout for integration in services and easiness in accessibility, all in terms of quality, accuracy, credibility, commitment, cost and ease.

Our Team

Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation provides a cluster of professional and creative translators, editors and writers who are highly specialized in many fields of translation, and who are capable of contributing to the success of our customers' businesses through overcoming the language barriers that may encounter our customers’ of-all-kinds products and services, and who are also contributing, through their stand-out translations, to the targeting of larger segments of the society.

Our Operating Mechanism

Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation adopts a highly professional mechanism for managing and implementing translation projects, and it can be summarized as per the following:
  • After receiving the client's direct approval to proceed with the translation work at hand, the foundation embarks on building a base of terminology and translation standards for the work team; which will be charged with the implementation of the task of translation. In doing so, the foundation refers to various data and sources of the client in order to build a good idea of the nature of the client's activity/ services. The translation work cannot be initiated and embarked on unless and until a complete idea, about the nature of the translation material, its terminology and how to go about dealing with the problems that could encounter the team in getting the correct and proper diction, is formed.
Consultations are also held with the client in case of any preferences that they may prefer regarding the soon-to-be-used terms and in case he/she has a certain style of writing (Book Style) so that it would be approved. Additionally, a list of terms (Translated) may also be sent to the client for their opinion and observations before officially going ahead with the request translation work.
It is also imperative that the translation material be well studied, and that the existing acronyms and short forms to be specified, as abbreviations and symbols are the most acrimonious and hampering part of the work of the translators. Moreover, during the study of the material, all non-standard shapes and drawings must be reviewed to decide whether they would be in need of design services or not.

Only based on all of the aforesaid criteria that the client is informed of how long it would take to get the job done.
  • The appointment of a competent and appropriate translator. Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation mounts a great interest at this stage, where it exerts every possible concerted effort to make sure that a strong link between the skills of the translator and the nature of the translation material is established. The foundation is of complete conviction that there is indeed specialization in work, and that each and every translator of its pool of translators can excel at a specific area, henceforth the priority of the Foundation at this stage in assigning the work to translators according to their expertise and skills.
  • The editing process: An external editor will be tasked with reading and editing the work, where he/she modifies and adds until a fully consistent material is produced. During this phase, the translation process will be fully reviewed, ideas will be fully finalized and the final touches will be added. Also during this stage, the editor also acts as a "Localizer', in the sense that they contextualize and produce the final thoughts in a manner that serves the local context. He/she also focuses in their work on the correct choice of the basic terminology and the accuracy of the translation of names of institutions, organizations, and the like;
  • Another editor will be assigned to provide final review (Proofreading) to ensure that the material in its entirety is free of any spelling or grammatical errors or any problems with punctuation, and to make certain that the formatting (Lay out) or spacing is set and correct; and,
The final material will be sent to the client for approval and/or commentary. In case of any comments, they will be received (Preferably through a Track Changes File). Based on the type and nature of comments, the Foundation will decide whether the material with the comments will be sent to the same translator or another colleague of theirs will be requested to employ those notes into the material.