Our Services

The word is the body and the meaning is the soul

We, at Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation, believe that translation is the introduction of knowledge in another language while preserving the spirit and originality of the word in the mother tongue language.
Content Management and Creative Writing
At Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation, we work with our partners to present their ideas in an innovative and easy-to-access way, and we are committed to streamlining the translated language.
Interpretation Services
Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation provides this type of translation through seminars, meetings, conferences, workshops, and accompanying delegations, and this includes the following different types of instant translation.
Copying and Audio Commentary
The work staff, at Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation, is buttressed with the presence of experienced professionals in the field of copying, as well as in the field of business television and radio.
Linguistic Editing
Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation provides high-quality services in editing, linguistic review and amendments to all types of documents.
In light of the expansion that was witnessed by Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation, it has created a fully integrated Stationery Shop that contains a wide range of materials and services.

Why us?

It is something that can only be arrived at when it is the final upshot of a whole range of factors that any institution ought to be well-known for, for it to become such a reference and such a name.

Our Message

Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation's message stems from it being a part and parcel factor, that is both proactive and interactive in and with the local community, and from its mediating role with the outside world.


Brief about us

Al-Madarat Al-Marefeyh Foundation was launched in 2010 as an establishment that deals with the editorial and instant services of translation, in addition to providing creative content. It managed over the period of ten years to establish its name as a professional reference for translation services and editing in various languages.
Since its inception, the work of the foundation was characterized by high quality and unrelenting professionalism, and it has set for itself very high standards that are meticulously adhered to.

Our Clients

Al-Madarat provides various services to a wide range of clients, including local, regional and international firms, institutions and non-government organizations.